Origin : Korea

Hyosung Power & Industrial Systems PG inaugurated the age of heavy industry in South Korea in 1962 and has emerged as a significant player in the world’s electric equipment market.

As a comprehensive provider of electrical equipment and industrial machinery, we manufacture and engineer a full spectrum of energy solutions that meets the demands of the global clients. In addition, our investment in renewable energy, including wind power and photovoltaic energy are contributing to our sustainable growth.

In order to meet the growing demand in the global market, we have expanded our business worldwide. Our commitment to quality and customer centric service has been acknowledged especially in Europe, Middle East and the US, as evidenced by our growing market share.

With 29 global offices, we are ready to satisfy global customers and have plans to expand our sales & service and manufacturing facilities all over the world.

We supply
  • Low voltage motor
  • High voltage motor
  • DC motor
  • Special motor
  • Alternator
  • Propulsion reduction gear

For more information: www.hyosungpni.com